The Tanzanian Perspektive

Wie sehen unsere Gäste aus Tansania die Welt in Deutschland? Welche Eindrücke bewegen sie? Worüber machen sie sich Gedanken?
Wir haben sie gefragt und eine ganze Menge Interessantes erfahren.

Flying and arriving

Incoming 2022

The flight was very comfortable and smooth without any bumps.
All food was eatable and good.
I didn’t sleep at all, I wanted to know all procedures, I observed the flight map anxiously.
The policemen were very friendly in contrast to 2010 when all white people could pass without problems while we were inquired in a corner.
The first night I was sleeping like a new-born baby. The first night I was sleeping near to death.

Walking around

I want to experience the “wonders” of Munich: the lake, the man-made hill, the conservation measures. I realized so many cigarette butts on the ground. The government seems to feel responsible for the people, for example they plan pleasurable areas. There are responsibilities on different levels.
The kindergarden is very well equipped and organized according to the age, needs and wants of the children. They enjoy a great variety of meals. Voluntary workers support the teachers. Conflicts are solved in a very friendly way.
At the cemetery I realized how carefully the people decorate the graves by planting flowers. They remember and respect their dead a lot.
Without access to the Internet I feel isolated. Registration is very complicated. I need communication with my family and others.
Oh, the rain here is falling so quietly.
Walking and eating and talking or listening (to music) must be very exhausting for the brain.

Incoming 2022

Landsberg am Lech: Sightseeing and Partnership Workshop

Transformation is essential for the global South AND the North.
It is possible through education and empowering the students.
Partnership is more than friendship: it is not for individual purpose but for the benefit of many!

Incoming 2022

FFF Demonstration

Protest marches are allowed by the administration (government) and protected by policemen.
That’s because parliament, court and police are independent. They do not depend on armed forces.
People paid a lot of attention to Mr Mgaya’s speech – so listen to the people from the Global South!
Racism has not ended in Germany. I’m afraid that without the introduction of a white person the audience would not listen to me that positively.

Partnership activities in Haar

In the global North money is not harvested from the trees, but it is collected through hard work, e.g. with the SchuPa Tombola during the Streetlife Festival in Haar. Everyone is so busy. It is also an exposure of our partnerships.
A lot of freedom of choice is offered to children.
Parents are willing to take the risk of some games for their children near our Tombola.

Teaching and learning at the EMG is not done on earth but seems to look like taking place in the aerospace.
The students are empowered to express their ideas, e.g. in group work. The results are very creative.
The students enjoy a lot of freedom, but seem to be quite disciplined.
All students and teachers are very friendly, some of them are always in hurry, a lot of them manage to speak in English to us. We appreciate that hospitality a lot.

Incoming 2022
Besuch im Rathaus Haar

Trip to Augsburg

Being invited by the Bavarian Government as the “One World Guest 2022” I feel thankful and comfortable – with the exception of language barrier: all speeches, presentations and posters are in German, so I cannot comment and communicate on them.

SchuPa is the only NGO that represents the real meaning of the Bavarian One World Days because they include the people from the global South in presence.

Incoming 2022
Infoshop “Chancen und Herausforderungen eines deutsch-tansanischen Bildungsnetzwerkes”

Through the method of “Take position” (on the topic of partnership) during the Tanzanian Evening SchuPa opens up new experiences to most of the organization representatives taking part.

During our guided tour on “Postcolonial Traces” we get to know very special places in Augsburg. It is necessary for us to understand the common past, even if it is painful. Therefore we have to work together in order to create a good future. Openness is essential for our partnership.

Incoming 2022
Impressionen der beiden ersten Besuchswochen