RCE – Responsible Community in Education

RCE ist die Abkürzung für „Responsible Community in Education“. Dieser Name steht für eine am 17.12.2018 registrierte tansanische NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), die mit SchuPa Tansania e.V. kooperiert.
Die postalische Adresse lautet Responsible Community in Education – P.O.Box 17 – MAKAMBAKO.

Die Zertifizierungsurkunde

Der Director/Vorsitzende der NGO ist Wilhelm Mgaya, der diese Aufgabe am 1. Juli 2022 von Bryceson Mbilinyi übernommen hat, und damit die Fortsetzung und Vertiefung partnerschaftlicher Beziehungen der eigenen NGO mit SchuPa Tansania e.V. sowie der drei öffentlichen Schulen im Bezirk Wanging´ombe (Ilembula/ Luduga und Thomas Nyimbo Secondary School) mit deutschen Partnerschulen gewährleistet.



The SchuPa NGO cooperates with SchuPa Tansania e.V. to realize school partnerships (projects and visits) which are based on long-term relationships and sustainability in accordance with the National Development Vision.


The SchuPa NGO based in Tanzania pursue exclusively and directly charitable and community purposes within the meaning of community empowerment. Such empowerments will incorporate gender equality in all social economic activities, leadership, and valuable cultures; health services, safe water, universal primary education and tertiary education and capacitate on the trade issues with environment for future generation.


  1. To mobilize resources including finance support for projects that serve the education, with particular emphasis on those marginalized families in the community
  2. To mobilize financial support for projects that serve the improvement of education at Tanzanian schools.
  3. To sensitize and provide education support through youth exchange program to promote mutual understanding of valuable cultural religious and economic life.
  4. To provide experts to NGO members for the purpose of planning, cooperation and advice for projects that serves the vision and mission of the organization
  5. To support the initiatives of the people in economic activities for poverty reduction in the community and help themselves.
  6. To do any other activities that SchuPa NGO may lawfully engage in and which are conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives for which the SchuPa NGO is established.

Child protection Policy

Our child protection policy (valid since August 2021)