News from RCE

Bryceson Mbilinyi (Director of RCE) on 2nd July 2021:

On 30th June 2021 we had a RCE Board meeting. We dealt with the question of how we can strengthen our partnership with SchuPa Tanzania e.V. and, above all, improve transparency and commitment in our communication.

Therefore, with effect from 1st July, we have redistributed the tasks in our decision institution RCE Board and involved those responsible persons from the school management of the two SchuPa-Schools (Headmistress of Ilembula Secondary School and Headmaster of Luduga Secondary School) into the management of RCE:

Director of RCE: Bryceson Mbilinyi
Chairperson of RCE: Yezebel Mwilange (Headmistress of Ilembula Secondary)
Secretary of RCE: Wilhelm Mgaya (Headmaster of Luduga Secondary School)
Treasurer of RCE: Develin Mhami  (Teacher of Ilembula Secondary School and owner of a carpenter’s workshop) 

These persons will be the active members and daily actors for implementation the RCE/SchuPa partnership. They will be also the responsible persons for providing information. Mr. Wilhelm Mgaya will be the report writer working bega kwa bega with Director, Headmistress and Treasurer.

Wilhelm Mgaya (Secretary of RCE and Headmaster of Luduga Secondary School):

On 31st of July Mr. Mbilinyi and a teacher of Ilembula Secondary School, Mr. Vangimali, visited Makangarawe.
For more information concerning our trip refer my report.

Last but not least ….

…. free time enjoyment in the LUDSS multifunctional hall
on Sunday 1st August 2021