Multifunctional Hall Construction at Luduga Secondary School: Development from 19th March 2020 to 27th June 2020

Luduga, 27th June 2020
Short report from Bryceson Mbilinyi (Director of the Tanzanian NGO “Responsible Community in Education” RCE)

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks:
Firstly to Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Christl Busl for their efforts – Asante sana!
They did very good work – unforgettable for a century!
Secondly to Mr.Mgaya, the headmaster of Luduga Secondary School. He has done a very wonderful and historical work which everyone – when seeing the building – will remember him. He was the only one who was very close, supervising, advising and sometimes helping constructors.

Up to today it is just 3 months the building has reached in a very good stage. It is our hope that the building will be used before the end of this year.
Now I would like to welcome you all to see the development of this building:

I wish you all the best. HAPA KAZI TU!
Bryceson Mbilinyi (Director of RCE)